What I Learned About Rug Pads

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What I Learned About Rug Pads

Summer is a great time to buy rugs and rug pads. I currently see many offers and I am a happy bunny about that, since we do need a new area rug.

When RugPadUSA contacted me about the opportunity to review their eco-friendly rug pads (this is a sponsored post), the first thing I did was to check their site. You have to see it. Not only it is super efficient, it had enough information to answer all my questions.

And boy did I have questions!

This post was sponsored by RugPadUSA. I tried their “Premium Lock” pad (a felt pad with natural rubber backing). The heartfelt and passionate opinions in this review are all mine.

First of all, you should know I have never used a rug pad before. I know it’s strange, we just don’t use them much in Greece – or it could be just my family that doesn’t use them so, I had many questions about their actual value.

Turns out that:

– They add cushioning which is oh-so-good to the knees and joints. Ok, everybody knows that.

– They protect sensitive floors from scratchy rugs (our nursery rug has an underside that feels like rough sandpaper).

– They definitely keep a rug to its designated place, if they are anti-slippery. Safety plus!

– They help insulate by adding padding between the cold floor and your feet. As a new-NewEnglander keeping warm during winter is imperative.

You probably think I am totally silly not knowing all that stuff but hey, I keep learning. 🙂


What I Learned About Rug Pads
(that’s my thumb photobombing the shot)


I have told you about my super power of smell and the first thing I discussed (before I even received the product) was off gassing and the company suggested I try their Premium-Lock pad. When I received the review pad, the very first thing I did was to…sniff it. Straight out of the plastic packing, it was good. I was pleasantly surprised.

As funny as that sounds, I am very sensitive to smells. I know a lot of people are sensitive to chemical smells, especially women and bad chemical odors can actually make people feel ill. So, I did sniff the pad. And then let it for a couple days in a closed room to check for odors.It was all good! Now, I feel confident to share my review of the RugPadUSA with you along what I learnt about pads.

I expect my cabinets to last for decades. I want the same to happen with rugs too and by association their pads. Well, these made in USA pads, come with 20 year warranty, which is pretty darn impressive. And reassuring. And money-savvy.

What else caught my attention about RugPadUSA:

– “Anti-microbial, will never mold, mildew or stain“. No mold ever? They are after my own heart.

– They emphasize quality.

– They use natural and recycled material and they are quite upfront about odors.

– They cut on any size.

– Their pads are eco-friendly and thoroughly tested, offering a sustainable product.

With a little one running around the house, the other issue was slipage. This pad stayed put, even when I tried to skid by graciously running, jumping and trying to slip-skate on it.
It provided a lot of fun but I didn’t manage to slip. Boo?

And someone’s feet were very happy:

What I Learned About Rug Pads
Happy feet!


Seriously: The Cute walked on the padded rug and then started going back and forth, smiling and trying to jump. (Naturally, I took a gazillion photos of that – the photo above is the least blurry.) Talk about cushioning!

That gave me the idea that from now on, every time I review a product that I deem safe,
The Cute will be an active and official test technician for TwoPlusCute.

Time to earn her keep! 😀


ps. As a final note, the company’s representative that contacted me, was so helpful and polite (go Will!), I imagine they must be truly excellent in customer support.



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3 thoughts on “What I Learned About Rug Pads

  • July 22, 2015 at 1:14 am

    I was also impressed with the premium lock rug pad from this company. I had to remove it just as quickly as I installed it when I did the review (due to our renovation), so I’m anxious to see how it has stood up after being stored away. So cute that your Cute jumped on it!

  • July 17, 2015 at 11:39 am

    great info, now I know why there is so much price fluctuation and so many styles, thank you! Cute tootsies!

    • July 17, 2015 at 7:22 pm

      Hehe, thanks Jenna, those toes are very often kissed (something I never thought I’d be doing before I had The Cute). 🙂


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