Removing Popcorn Texture from Ceilings

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TwoPlusCute: Removing popcorn textures is easy, with step by step images, several tips, some dust and a lot of information.

Hi, I am TwoPlusCute and I have popcorn ceilings throughout our house. There; I said it.

To be honest, popcorn ceilings don’t seem as annoying to me. However, they are hard to patch and I wanted to see how easy it is to remove them. So, I did a test in our second bathroom (for which I have grand future plans). The test came out positive: Popcorn is a piece of cake to remove. Really, really easy. What is hard, is to sand and plaster (to a nice flat result) after removing the popcorn. Let me digress a bit to talk about sanding.

In my own personal hell, I am pregnant, with a toothache and I am sanding. Seriously, if I am to go to hell, I won’t be thrown in a fiery pit. I will be placed in a huge room, with rough, pitted, dripped and damaged walls, that need sanding.

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