How I Stopped Being a No-Reply Blogger

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TwoPlusCute: How to stop being a NO-REPLY blogger and reader. Have your comments receive replies every single time!

I enjoy commenting to other blogs and it makes me warm inside when my comments get replied. During the first month of blogging, I was getting the hives every time I wanted to comment on a blogger platform blog.

I am using a wordpress platform (org nevertheless) and seems that blogger just doesn’t like us. I had to go through loops to comment. I was spending a good amount of time writing a comment, clicking to submit and then…*pouf*…The comment was disappearing. Sometimes I didn’t even know if it went through or not. I tried all the options given under the “comment as”, with invariable failure.

What I didn’t know was that the rare times I successfully posted a comment, the blog owner could not reply to me. So, I found a few tricks to fix that.

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