Picking The Perfect Christmas Tree

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Christmas tree needles reflecting the warm sun, photo by TwoPlusCute

With our silver and gold Christmas wreath ready and the front porch tidying going pretty well, it was time to take The Cute for her first ever excursion to get a Christmas tree. The perfect one of course! She is 2 and half years old now and we can finally go in detail about Santa and how to put up her own ornaments on the tree and let her get – safely – infatuated with colorful lights and generally have a blast.

To tell the whole truth, mommy (that’s me!) was super excited about all the Christmas fun and I have been waiting since last year to tell The Cute about Santa and his flying reindeer.

Little girl looking for the perfect Christmas tree, among a forest of cultivated trees. Photo by TwoPlusCute
The Cute among the trees, at a Massachusetts tree farm.

People living in cold northern areas, such as Massachusetts, know all too well everything I have to write here. Bare with me, there is family across the pond and they love reading all the different little things we do here. Harvesting our own tree is one of those things. 🙂

Unlike back home where we ask for a Christmas tree with a single word (έλατο) irrelevantly of the exact type, here there are several types and sub-types one can choose from and they have their own – commonly used – names: Firs, Pines, Spruces or Cypress. Here is a list I found online, describing the basic types. Our priority was to get a tree with very soft needles so no cute toddler eyes get poked.

All around us, there were acres upon acres of trees of all kinds, to choose from:

Acres of Christmas trees at a tree farm in Massachusetts, photo by TwoPlusCute


It was a beautifully warm and sunny day. The farm was buzzing with people, walking around, locating their “perfect tree”, cutting it and securing the trees on the roofs of their cars. There were tractors that were driving all around the farm to haul the cut trees to be balled (others call it netting) and shaken. They put the trees on a funny vibrating machine (to get rid of loose needles) and then through a primitive looking drum that wraps the tree in net so to take it home easier.

The Cute (and me) had such fun running around the trees. Hubby had a little less fun I suppose as he had to do the hard work of cutting down the tree:


Cutting down a Christmas tree at a tree farm in Massachusetts, photo by TwoPlusCute


He was a sweetie though and didn’t complaint at all. The saws were provided by the farm owners as there were too many customers. One could signal the workers to cut their tree for them, but with such large and busy farm, it meant quite some waiting. No one was complaining; it was such a warm and pleasant day and everybody seemed to be in their best mood.

It was fun and we had even more fun placing ornaments and lights on our tree. This one is special. It is the very first ornament The Cute put up completely on her own (before she moved on re-arranging the whole tree).


The Cute pointing at an ornament on a Christmas tree, photo by TwoPlusCute
The Cute put that there. 🙂


You can imagine all the “ohhh”s and “EEeee”s when the lights lit later that night. T’was precious I tell you. The Cute makes the cutest voices when she is excited.


Merry holidays to all! 


ps. A warm December day in Massachusetts. It’s not a joke, I swear! We are having a pretty mild winter so far. Feels more like autumn and it’s a good thing too, because I had to do quite some yard work to tidy and decorate our porch for Christmas.



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