Old Toolbox into a Spice Caddy

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old toolbox twopluscute

I found this old toolbox, buried behind and under tools, forgotten and unused. I acquired it (by asking politely: pleasegimmegimmegimme) immediately. I love repurposing items and finding new uses for them especially if it is something unusual. I knew exactly what this old toolbox was going to be: a spice caddy!

Old toolbox repurposed as Spice Caddy

My ultra frugal freebie is an actual, real toolbox. It is a heavy duty construction, solid wood and metal, destined to last for years to come! I did not have to do anything but give it a good cleaning. It has a flat black paint that might even be actual chalkboard paint because the chalks write perfectly on it.

2+cute toolbox spice caddy

I am considering staining the wooden handle but I also like the natural look it has.

Look how many spice bottles it can fit:

spice caddy from old toolbox twopluscute

I ended up using this all the time – instead of a spice rack – because it is so versatile.

It lives on our kitchen counter ready to be carried on the table or even outside – for the future grillings we are going to have.

Back side:

spice caddy twopluscute


And the front side after a meticulous edit:


spice it up twopluscute

Beautiful in its simplicity.

And so, so practical!

The Cute is tugging, nudging and pushing me to read her a book so, that’s all for today and enjoy. 🙂


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