Christmas 2015 Gold and Silver Wreath

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Easy Christmas wreath DIY in gold and silver with oversized golden center star, by TwoPlusCute

This jolly year of 2015, we were into all gold and silver for our home’s Christmas decorations. We hung silver snowflakes, gold and silver ornaments, gold bows on the porch wreaths. All seemed to go as planned until, we brought the tree lights out. The Cute fell in love with the colorful ones and therefore we used those on our tree.

At least our front door wreath stayed true to the gold and silver inspiration and was one of our easiest DIY decorations.

TwoPlusCute easy DIY, big impact a gold and silver wreath for your door (and add an oversized center piece like this snowflake)


I grabbed a plain Christmas wreath, an oversized centerpiece and 8 ornaments in silver and gold. First I placed all of them on the wreath (similar to a “dry-fit”) to see how I liked them best and took a photo to act as reminder during the construction.


DIY Easy Christmas wreath, in gold and silver with oversized gold center star, by TwoPlusCute


I chose eight ornaments in two different sizes and eight different shapes, making sure each ball had some sparkle or embossing on them. (I feel that, had I gone with simple ornaments, it would require more balls to look equally rich.)

Then I secured the ornaments on the wreath using my favorite wire: garden twist tie. That roll costs $1.39 and it is 90 meters long (about 295 ft)! Will last us forever(-ish).

Easy Christmas wreath in gold and silver with oversized golden center star. Such an easy and pretty DIY, by TwoPlusCute

I had a few golden stars to play with and see which I liked the most. I went for the oversized golden snowflake instead (cost: a dollar).

DIY an easy Christmas wreath with gold and silver ornaments and an oversized golden star, by TwoPlusCute
The star on top left, did not make the selection for the wreath and the snowflake won the center spot on our Christmas wreath.

Almost done. Just securing the snowflake,

adding a gold gilded ribbon and

ready to be hung.

Part 1 of our holiday porch makeover is done!

Easy Christmas wreath DIY in gold and silver with oversized golden center snowflake, by TwoPlusCute


Part one of setting up our front porch (eg. making a wreath) was done in minutes and was true to my silver and gold direction. You know, the one that went awry when we put colored leds on our tree. Oh well, still happy and festive – and the most important part is that The Cute loves the colorful tree lights.

Speaking of decorative direction, I saw a lot of red starring this year. I almost did a red and silver myself but then, we bought a new rug in grey and mustard and it totally swayed us in adding gold instead of red.

What about you? What colors did you pick to star in this years decor at your homes?


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