2 Florida Inspired Style Boards (& tips to create your own backyard paradise)

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Florida inspired decor style boards by twoPlusCute

I was pitched with the idea to create a Florida inspired style board and as usual, I could not make just one.

How does a foreigner like me, goes about creating a style board for Florida – a place I have never visited? Well, with inspiration by hear-say, tv-shows-see, blogger friend’s home tours and a lot of imagination. For good measure I did some more research (read: I looked at really pretty interior photos).

Check out what I came up with. 😉


When I looked around enough, I noticed that whether modern or classically traditional, the interiors of many Florida homes had a distinct vibe.

Like this one:

Florida seaview interior, photo from Elliman REimage via Elliman.com

or this one:

Miami Interior Design - Sophisticated Getaway


Jordan from Douglas Elliman, – who pitched the idea to create a style board with the sunny Florida in mind – gave me a few guidelines. The way I understood his suggestions, he wanted to emphasize Florida’s sun and bring a beachy feeling, even for homes that are not near the sea.

How about a casual outdoor space then?


Outdoor inspiration, Florida pool patio, photo from Elliman RE, Florida inspired style boards by TwoPlusCuteimage via Elliman.com


Florida Inspired Style Board No 1: Outdoor Living


Florida inspired outdoor space decor in aqua and tropical greens, by TwoPlusCute


Tips to create a sun and sea tropical paradise on your deck or your backyard


  1. Blue hues, green and yellow, bring in mind sunbathing by the sea. Use them in abundance.
  2. Create a corner with tropical plants, tall enough to create a privacy screen.
  3. Set a seating or dining area in that protected corner. It doesn’t have to be formal or pricey; just happily inviting.
  4. Use colorful fabric in the colors mention in no 1, to expand and add interest to the private seating area.
  5. Add pillows in blue, aqua and tropical green hues (the square floor pillow is from Pottery Barn).
  6. Add whimsy with a hanging chair (like this knitted beauty from Anthropologie).
  7. Finish up with colorful and happy details in bold colors (pineapple string lights? Why, yes!).
  8. Deck the walls. Dress up any adjacent walls with starburst mirrors in aqua, colorful wall plates and artwork (as long as they are protected from rain).

The tropical and patterned pillows from this extensive pillow round up would work nicely in our outdoor space. Especially the ‘Tropical no 5’ that marries together the aqua and green hues.


Florida Inspired Style Board No 2: Interior Luxury


However, after I browsed around at the Florida properties on Douglas Elliman’s real estate site, (and after I recovered from home owner’s envy – those houses are stunning! ) I had a different kind of inspiration. Something far more luxurious, an interior styling that would still encompass tropical greens, sunny yellows and golden accents without being traditionally formal:


Sunny and Playful, Florida interior decor style board, tropical green, yellow and gold, by TwoPlusCute



I did resist using any Flamingo art but, I couldn’t resist adding pineapples and a lot of tropical plants.

Do you think I got the Florida style well enough for a non-Floridian?




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4 thoughts on “2 Florida Inspired Style Boards (& tips to create your own backyard paradise)

  • June 25, 2016 at 7:46 am

    You nailed the Florida look, not being a local didn’t slow you down one little bit! Love both the luxury as well as the tropical mood boards <3 Great job & pinning to my favorite Fl Pinterest board:)

    • June 25, 2016 at 4:01 pm

      While writing the post I kept thinking of whether you – a Floridian – would approve. I am so happy you do. 😀

  • June 20, 2016 at 5:29 pm

    Love these ideas! I can never get enough of that beautiful, blue beachy decor. It’s perfect for summer and makes the home look sunny and tropical no matter where you live!

    • June 21, 2016 at 3:34 am

      Glad you liked them. 🙂
      And good point about “no matter where you live”. I love adding some beachy touches even in our New England home.


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