Quick and Dirty Front Porch Holiday Makeover (for under $ 30)

Our quick (and dirty) front porch makeover for the holidays for under $ 30! See how we did it and the before & after photos. It's quite the change!

When we flew back from Greece, (just in time for Thanksgiving’s dinners – perfect timing!), the first view of our home was pretty…sad. It looked so neglected with its summer plants all dead, the hanging pots gone, bags of dirt and mulch plopped in the driveway and the unfinished look that our porch has sported even before we bought the house – who knows for how many years – giving the unattractive view of an abandoned shack.

I had to do something the quick (as in immediately) and dirty (as in dirt – literally) to shape up our front porch for the holidays season. First of all, see how bad it was:

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Christmas 2015 Gold and Silver Wreath

Easy Christmas wreath DIY in gold and silver with oversized golden center star, by TwoPlusCute

This jolly year of 2015, we were into all gold and silver for our home’s Christmas decorations. We hung silver snowflakes, gold and silver ornaments, gold bows on the porch wreaths. All seemed to go as planned until, we brought the tree lights out. The Cute fell in love with the colorful ones and therefore we used those on our tree.

At least our front door wreath stayed true to the gold and silver inspiration and was one of our easiest DIY decorations.

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17 Hot Summer Wreaths

17 hot summer wreaths (collected by TwoPlusCute.com)

From nautical to whimsy, from sea shells to flip flops and party umbrellas, these wreaths spell SUMMER (yeap, in big capital letters) and get me in the respective mood. Not that I needed much help with that – I am just looking for excuses. 

It is high time I change our  front door wreath and I scouted the internet for ideas and inspiration. It never ceases to amaze me how many talented DIYers are out there!

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10 Beautiful Crafts with Cupcake Liners


We are still buried in snow but, somewhere in the world, spring has arrived. In – approximately – 3 months, it might come to New England, too. Maybe. I am hopeful. Meanwhile, I spent the day looking at crafts with cupcake liners until I  realized that the theme was consistently flowery and happy. Spring (and summer) are obviously on my mind, even if it is nowhere around our location.

Here are some truly beautiful DIY creations using cupcake liners. Because cupcake liners aren’t just for cupcakes. Nope! They are for wreaths and banners and chandeliers and…well, see for yourself:

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