4 Learn How to Read Activities

4 Learning How to Read Activities for toddlers by TwoPlusCute

Last Wednesday, I told you how I came up with an idea to use our personalized chalk board for a “learn to read” game. That one idea produced two more and then, The Cute came up with the fourth idea.

Pen and paper work just fine but, the magnetic letters add a tactile dimension to the learning games – besides the visual and the auditory (from spelling out loud the letters and the formed words).

Without further ado, Wednesday’s mini post is about 4 learning activities inspired by a small DIY.

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Happy Birthday: The Cute Turned TWO!

The Cute Turned TWO Happy Birthday by TwoPlusCute

Full caps TWO. Our baby is officially a toddler!

What a ride it has been. The Cute is our first child and it was (is) quite an intimidating experience – at least for me. I wish I could go back on the night she was born and do all the things I learnt in these two years but sadly, the first child always gets the short stick. No matter how theoretically prepared a parent is, nothing beats hands on experience.

Enough with the digression. Last weekend we held a party to celebrate that we succeeded on keeping our baby alive for two whole years (<- tongue in cheek) – a feat for any new parent. I am glad to share that this year’s party was a success. And yet, it was no Hollywood production and there weren’t any inflatable castles or champagne cataracts. But it had tons of love, laugh and above all, great company.

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