Removing Popcorn Texture from Ceilings

TwoPlusCute: Removing popcorn textures is easy, with step by step images, several tips, some dust and a lot of information.

Hi, I am TwoPlusCute and I have popcorn ceilings throughout our house. There; I said it.

To be honest, popcorn ceilings don’t seem as annoying to me. However, they are hard to patch and I wanted to see how easy it is to remove them. So, I did a test in our second bathroom (for which I have grand future plans). The test came out positive: Popcorn is a piece of cake to remove. Really, really easy. What is hard, is to sand and plaster (to a nice flat result) after removing the popcorn. Let me digress a bit to talk about sanding.

In my own personal hell, I am pregnant, with a toothache and I am sanding. Seriously, if I am to go to hell, I won’t be thrown in a fiery pit. I will be placed in a huge room, with rough, pitted, dripped and damaged walls, that need sanding.

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Kitchen Renovation – Part 1: Before

Kitchen Renovation - Part 1: The Before by TwoPlusCute

This was the kitchen when we bought our house. Light and sweet but if you could do a closer inspection, you would see things aren’t as good as they seem. I will take you to a small ride to our kitchen’s before and point out the things we had to change and fix. 

We saw most problems so, we had no unpleasant surprises (except with the refrigerator). The budget for the kitchen remodel and renovation was taken into account (optimistically) and had to stay low.
This is our kitchen renovation Part I, the “before” – with all the costs I could remember.

Warning: this post contains at least one scary image and several bad ones.

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