Pillowtalk: 76 pillows for every – decorative – mood

Pillowtalk: 76 pillows for every – decorative – mood

Pillowtalk 76 decorative pillowcases and pillows by TwoPlusCute

Let’s talk about throw pillows and decorative pillowcases! I told you here how pillows is a work in progress (like everything else in our house – which I like; keeps things from getting boring).

Well, I have pinned a ton of pillowcases but they get lost and mixed among my other pins. A whole post with 76 different decorative pillows, where everything is together, makes more sense to my forgetful brain that has decided that “enough already with that pest called memory!” and refuses to remember anything vital – like decorative pillowcases.

I gathered 76 (seventy six!) tropical, textured, black and white, boho chic, even leather decorative pillows and pillowcases as a quick style guide. From $2 to over $1000 – granted, I am not going to buy a $1000 pillowcase any time soon but, it doesn’t hurt looking. ^^

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