Be Your Own Kind of Awesome – Poster Art

Be your own kind of awesome by TwoPlusCute

We severely lack decor (and furniture but that’s another story). Dressing up the walls of a whole house can prove a costly endeavor and I am brainstorming for frugal but also personal ways to add art and decor on our walls.

My first attempt on painting some modern art that we could actually use in our home, served well to prove that my mom had it ALL wrong. She always believed – unwaveringly -I am some kind of mini-Picasso with great artistic skills. Well, this is what I made before I had my daughter cover the whole thing with black paint to hide my shame:


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Taking the Living Room by Storm

Renovating the Living Room, color change and a gazillion DIY projects, by TwoPlusCute

The past weeks, I have been working harder than a worker bee. I should check my astrological progressions because, there must be some “slave-to-DIY” configuration happening right now, right above me.

This is a sneak peek post of all the projects I/we did over the past weeks. And of the cleaning. Oh boy was there cleaning…Oh and the before and afters with our new grey walls. So much light! 😀

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