Visiting Santa’s Village

TwoPlusCute visiting Yankee Candle Santa's village

Few things get one in the spirit of the Christmas holidays, like visiting a well done Santa village. A well known candle factory, based in western Ma creates a sparkly and fun experience for anyone that loves Christmas. Toddlers, children and…tall children (that’s us – grown ups) alike, get thrilled with the trains, the rotating trees, the sparkly ornaments and the enticing smells all around.

This is not an affiliate post. Hubby took me and The Cute for a surprise drive to Yankee Candle village and we took a few photos to show you a few glimpses of how entertaining it is.

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Painting the Heater Covers

I painted the baseboard heaters’ covers. It was imperative. They were rusty, bumpy, had a horrible old paint (all splotches and scratches and bumps) and well the idea to paint the covers, the same color with the walls, didn’t really agree with me.

Buying new covers was the first thought but will have to wait for a long time, budget wise. Second best option? Paint them! Let me show you how perfect they turned out with a little bit of paint!

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Taking the Living Room by Storm

Renovating the Living Room, color change and a gazillion DIY projects, by TwoPlusCute

The past weeks, I have been working harder than a worker bee. I should check my astrological progressions because, there must be some “slave-to-DIY” configuration happening right now, right above me.

This is a sneak peek post of all the projects I/we did over the past weeks. And of the cleaning. Oh boy was there cleaning…Oh and the before and afters with our new grey walls. So much light! 😀

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