Mitigating the Heating Oil Smell in the Basement

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Oil smell mitigation by TwoPlusCute

Down under (our floors) in the land of sawdust, spiderwebs and all things gloomy – yes, that’s our basement – there are a few challenges to overcome. One of them, is the smell. Especially the heating oil smell, off gassing its toxic fumes. Boy, oh boy, every time I opened the door to the basement I had to brace myself.

We tried airing the basement, through its bulkhead and window, using fans to direct the air out. Circulating the air – while a must – had a minimal effect. Let’s not forget that keeping the door open during the snowy New England long, long winters is not really an option. (For the record, I did try that – really tightens the skin and raises the heating bill.)

We had to come up with a way to mitigate that smell and we did so in the most frugal way imaginable!

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