DIY Bookcase Ledges for our Nursery

DIY Bookcase Ledges for our Nursery

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In our nursery, the book situation was a little…blah. For the longest time we used a basic – so basic it was ugly – cabinet that I came to regret the 20 dollars it costed. If you don’t like an item, even 10 cents are too many.

Enter the DIY bookcase ledges. A project so simple that I was bound to make it difficult.

For one, I nailed the 5 ledges twice. Because the first time, even with my painstaking attention to detail, my brain was – apparently – in a completely different dimension than the rest of me and so, I nailed every.single.ledge, wrong.

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Pink, White and Brown Nursery

Pink, White and Brown Nursery by TwoPlusCute

Last week I gave you a sneak peak of our nursery. Time to see the whole thing!

When I was expecting, I had it all figured out: it would be a boy and his room would be nautical themed with blue, white walls and dark brown furniture. I had decided on which pirate table lamp and which boat bookcase to buy. I knew which toddler bed I’d eventually get (a pirate ship of course). I had added the superman and batman onesies in our registry (plus a cape bib). And then, the ultrasound tech said “it’s a girl“.

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Projects and Prospects

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For the past ten days I have mostly been brooding watching the snow, making snowmen and shooting evil stares to our walls’ colors. Days are passing by and I wonder whether spring will come and pass before I apply any of the changes I plan to get going.

It wasn’t all daydreaming though. I cleaned – half – the basement. Which is major! Imagine piles of sawdust, cement and a gazillion screws. Imagine tools all around, on tables, on the floor and hang from screws exactly where I pass under so I have to duck every time. Dream (the nightmare kind) of piles of accumulated dirt. Picture numerous pieces of wood and floorboards – leftovers from my husband’s projects. On the floor, on the tables, covering the area I have assigned for my crafts. Oh, and ALL my craft supplies covered in heavy dust.
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