Quick and Dirty Front Porch Holiday Makeover (for under $ 30)

Our quick (and dirty) front porch makeover for the holidays for under $ 30! See how we did it and the before & after photos. It's quite the change!

When we flew back from Greece, (just in time for Thanksgiving’s dinners – perfect timing!), the first view of our home was pretty…sad. It looked so neglected with its summer plants all dead, the hanging pots gone, bags of dirt and mulch plopped in the driveway and the unfinished look that our porch has sported even before we bought the house – who knows for how many years – giving the unattractive view of an abandoned shack.

I had to do something the quick (as in immediately) and dirty (as in dirt – literally) to shape up our front porch for the holidays season. First of all, see how bad it was:

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Creating a Flower Bed

Creating a Flower Bed by TwoPlusCute

Pfew, I am sore! I spent the weekend battling with our yard and every muscle in my body is aching. Hubby took care of The Cute all day long, giving me the chance to tackle several areas in our yard (and if I haven’t lost 35 pounds with all this work, I will be very disappointed!).

I made a new flowerbed while tackling the issue of fixing the slope from the house at the same time. Added curb appeal, it’s cleaner, neat and looks inviting.
Total cost? 24 dollars!

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