Honey, You Are Too Tall – A Dresser Makeover

Honey, You Are Too Tall – A Dresser Makeover

This is a story about a tall dresser that was too tall. And very ugly. And was beheaded…

Once upon a time, there were two laminate dressers.  A tall bulky one and a short, longer, bulky one.  Both of them were in need of some serious nip tuck and a heavy dose of permanent make up.  If they wanted to stay in our bedroom that is. One day, I braved myself and decided to try my hand in furniture makeover and in true queen of hearts fashion, I exclaimed “off with its head“!

And indeed, the tall dresser got a bit shorter but also got a pretty paint job and brass knobs that look like beautiful golden jewelry – which was totally by accident and you can do it too!

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Kitchen Cart Makeover

TwoPlusCute: an amazing kitchen cart transformation. Great makeover. From garbage to awesome! Header

A lot of friends liked the – extreme – makeover of the kitchen cart that I used as incentive so my mom lets me turn her kitchen from green to a super happy yellow so, here’s the scoop on a super frugal and pretty easy diy that gave new life to a very neglected kitchen cart.

First of all, you (really!) have to see the extremely rundown, bad, broken, awful, before:

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Spicy Yellow Kitchen Makeover (part 2)

TwoPlusCute: Spicy Yellow kitchen. Makeover of a vintage, hospital green kitchen completely transformed into a sunshine filled, happy, cooking area. Beautiful!

Makeover of a vintage, hospital green kitchen that was completely transformed into a sunshine filled, happy, cooking area. Spicy Yellow kitchen – part two! Transforming a room only with color. (Read the challenges, why we did not gut everything in the first place (plus many more details & photos of the makeover), in Part 1 of the spicy yellow kitchen.)

After the owner of this kitchen (hi mom!) agreed reluctantly (very reluctantly) on the most minimal change, the old green kitchen was about to be get a new life.

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Spicy Yellow Kitchen (part 1)



While we were in Greece, I repainted my mom’s kitchen in what we now call a “spicy yellow kitchen”. It completely renewed the space and it filled it with light. It is a much happier space now and it no longer looks dark and faded.

The kitchen itself, a 50+ years old vintage compilation of wooden cabinets, mosaic floor, marble sink, countertops and backsplash and…orange, double-pin, pulls. Big chunky, square, vintage orange pulls that mom insisted we keep. She is all about vintage that girl. She also hates throwing away stuff, which made the kitchen look like this (warning: shockingly ugly picture):

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Quick and Dirty Front Porch Holiday Makeover (for under $ 30)

Our quick (and dirty) front porch makeover for the holidays for under $ 30! See how we did it and the before & after photos. It's quite the change!

When we flew back from Greece, (just in time for Thanksgiving’s dinners – perfect timing!), the first view of our home was pretty…sad. It looked so neglected with its summer plants all dead, the hanging pots gone, bags of dirt and mulch plopped in the driveway and the unfinished look that our porch has sported even before we bought the house – who knows for how many years – giving the unattractive view of an abandoned shack.

I had to do something the quick (as in immediately) and dirty (as in dirt – literally) to shape up our front porch for the holidays season. First of all, see how bad it was:

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