The Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ever!

Valentine's card by TwoPlusCute

Let me tell you about a perfect Valentine’s gift of minimal cost and yet tons of value (and the best one I have ever received). Through my life, I never cared much for Valentine’s day, or the gifts typically associated with it, like flowers and chocolates and teddy bears and the rest overly pink whatnots. I am not one for jewelry either.

All that, was to – eventually – change when I received the perfect Valentine’s day gift. And it had lots of pink.

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Happy Birthday: The Cute Turned TWO!

The Cute Turned TWO Happy Birthday by TwoPlusCute

Full caps TWO. Our baby is officially a toddler!

What a ride it has been. The Cute is our first child and it was (is) quite an intimidating experience – at least for me. I wish I could go back on the night she was born and do all the things I learnt in these two years but sadly, the first child always gets the short stick. No matter how theoretically prepared a parent is, nothing beats hands on experience.

Enough with the digression. Last weekend we held a party to celebrate that we succeeded on keeping our baby alive for two whole years (<- tongue in cheek) – a feat for any new parent. I am glad to share that this year’s party was a success. And yet, it was no Hollywood production and there weren’t any inflatable castles or champagne cataracts. But it had tons of love, laugh and above all, great company.

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Happy Valentine’s 2015!

Husband went to buy newspapers and do some recycling.

He came back with these:

Happy Valentine's 2015 by twopluscute

What a beautiful day it is already.

He always picks cards with a special meaning to us. With words that reflect our relationship and our feelings. Or so I think. Must be on my love-blinded nature because I find all the cards he brings me to be relevant. Which is not possible of course (says my rational self). Yet, it doesn’t matter. Read more