Planting an Arborvitae Successfully

Planting an Arborvitae header, row of privacy hedge trees by TwoPlusCute

Arborvitae (tree of life – such a cool name) are hardy and pretty forgiving trees, making them a friendly choice for novice gardeners like us. To test our hands on, we planted one last Spring and a year later, it is still alive (applause please!) and getting bigger. It is a success!

It was truly easy to plant it once we stopped worrying about perfection and in this post, I will tell you how exactly we went about it and the nasty surprise we came to find while planting our tree.

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Creating a Flower Bed

Creating a Flower Bed by TwoPlusCute

Pfew, I am sore! I spent the weekend battling with our yard and every muscle in my body is aching. Hubby took care of The Cute all day long, giving me the chance to tackle several areas in our yard (and if I haven’t lost 35 pounds with all this work, I will be very disappointed!).

I made a new flowerbed while tackling the issue of fixing the slope from the house at the same time. Added curb appeal, it’s cleaner, neat and looks inviting.
Total cost? 24 dollars!

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