Hello Gorgeous: Blue Accents

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Hello Gorgeous: Blue Accents. Decorating with Blue by TwoPlusCute
Hello there, will you be mine?

One of the most mind boggling things to decide upon when decorating is the color schemes. Personally, I find it really hard to choose just one. Will it be a distressed white and burlap scheme? Will it be a black and white? Rich earth tones? Which combination will keep me satisfied for the longest time – since I do like to change things around and often. I had the exact same dilemma with our daughter’s nursery and I still haven’t settled but, kind of followed the room’s progress instead.

Our living room (and I emphasize this: our living-room) is painted with a dark color that ranges from medium brown to oily green with undertones of gold (e.g. just shoot me now). It is an impressive color but, it doesn’t agree with my light seeking soul. At all. Enter the internet and the amazing bloggers and decorators out there, I believe I finally found the color combination I will enjoy the most. Check out some of my inspiration.

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