Let’s go to a Greek farmer’s market!

Let's go to a Greek farmer's market! Melons, photo by TwoPlusCute

Ever been to a Greek farmer’s market? If not, come with me and let’s visit one!

The farmer’s market is a “must go” activity in Greece. The shops are set right in the streets and every neighborhood has at least one farmer’s market every week. Rain or shine, metal tables are set under colorful umbrellas and fill with all sorts of delicious produce. Every family shops there (unless they can’t find the time) as the produce comes straight from the producers and the prices are seriously competitive and often much cheaper than in big stores.

Does it get busy? Think “black Friday” busy, every day.

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My Happiest Day as a Mom


Baby feet, sand and sea, at Greece.

Well into October, while most people (of the northern hemisphere) switch their closets for winter gear, I bring you a super summer-y post:  The day I really enjoyed its full length as a mom (aka my happiest day as a mom). It was a day right out of an overly optimistic movie: There was no whining, no crying, no throwing stuff (except sand and small stones), no stress and no cleaning or tidying. Instead, there was laughter and swimming and hugging and baby kisses every second. All day long.

It was perfect.

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Wow, that proved difficult…

Sunset in Alimos beach in Athens Greece, by TwoPlusCute

It’s been almost two months since I last posted and I missed this blog and the blogging world a lot! The initial plan (you know, the one that always go awry and we need plan B and C) was to keep posting from Greece. I do have a lot of spoilers to show you today (like the top photo of a sunset at the beach) and a small explanation on what kept me from blogging for that long.

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