Copper Accent for 3 Dollars (and 10 uses for it)


Copper Decor Accent for 3 Dollars! A chafing dish and 10 ways to incorporate it in your home decor.

I wanted a copper accent for quite some time now. I was thinking that perhaps, a pendant would work but I was not budgeting for it. Well, I happily report, I think I scored again at Goodwill. Okay, maybe not “scored” (you’ll be the judge of that) but 3 dollars for all this awesome coppery decor, is a happy moment for me.

I found a vintage (looking) copper (plated) chafing dish slash fondue and immediately thought of not one, not two but, 10 ways to use it at home and none of them include cooking!

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Goodwill Score

header bowls

This was my second trip to Goodwill. I have been there once before and I got a book haul. This time though, I was a gal with a purpose: to find cute stuff I could use to dress our home and to use in photos for this blog.

That was the plan anyway because, this time, I found stuff I was actually thrilled about. Stuff I wanted to take home, bath in chlorine and call them mine. My $45 loot includes:

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