Kitchen Cart Makeover

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A lot of friends liked the – extreme – makeover of the kitchen cart that I used as incentive so my mom lets me turn her kitchen from green to a super happy yellow so, here’s the scoop on a super frugal and pretty easy diy that gave new life to a very neglected kitchen cart.

First of all, you (really!) have to see the extremely rundown, bad, broken, awful, before:

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Quick and Dirty Front Porch Holiday Makeover (for under $ 30)

Our quick (and dirty) front porch makeover for the holidays for under $ 30! See how we did it and the before & after photos. It's quite the change!

When we flew back from Greece, (just in time for Thanksgiving’s dinners – perfect timing!), the first view of our home was pretty…sad. It looked so neglected with its summer plants all dead, the hanging pots gone, bags of dirt and mulch plopped in the driveway and the unfinished look that our porch has sported even before we bought the house – who knows for how many years – giving the unattractive view of an abandoned shack.

I had to do something the quick (as in immediately) and dirty (as in dirt – literally) to shape up our front porch for the holidays season. First of all, see how bad it was:

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Let’s go to a Greek farmer’s market!

Let's go to a Greek farmer's market! Melons, photo by TwoPlusCute

Ever been to a Greek farmer’s market? If not, come with me and let’s visit one!

The farmer’s market is a “must go” activity in Greece. The shops are set right in the streets and every neighborhood has at least one farmer’s market every week. Rain or shine, metal tables are set under colorful umbrellas and fill with all sorts of delicious produce. Every family shops there (unless they can’t find the time) as the produce comes straight from the producers and the prices are seriously competitive and often much cheaper than in big stores.

Does it get busy? Think “black Friday” busy, every day.

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Community Gardens are Fun!

Community Gardens header by

Isn’t it nice when the town offers community garden plots for a very small fee and even, advice, workshops, compost and mulch? It’s frugal, easy and fulfilling. Isn’t it also nice when there is good mood in one’s work environment? Hubby and a few friends from his job, gather together to do what I find quite interesting activities that vary from football (the American style), to comedy nights, to snowboarding and even to…gardening.

Last summer, they came with the great idea to rent a plot as a team and try their hands in producing…produce. It was fun and a huge success. Oh the tomatoes!

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Kitchen Renovation – Part 1: Before

Kitchen Renovation - Part 1: The Before by TwoPlusCute

This was the kitchen when we bought our house. Light and sweet but if you could do a closer inspection, you would see things aren’t as good as they seem. I will take you to a small ride to our kitchen’s before and point out the things we had to change and fix. 

We saw most problems so, we had no unpleasant surprises (except with the refrigerator). The budget for the kitchen remodel and renovation was taken into account (optimistically) and had to stay low.
This is our kitchen renovation Part I, the “before” – with all the costs I could remember.

Warning: this post contains at least one scary image and several bad ones.

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