Adding a Drip Cap to Existing Windows

Adding a Drip Cap to Existing Windows

Flashing windows, adding aluminum drip edge, by TwoPlusCute

I would like to make some naughty yet intelligent pun about flashing windows but nothing comes to mind. Here is the thing: it rained. Inside the house. Well, it dripped to be exact. And made a small pool on the inside of the window. The brand new window that well, was missing a little something: a drip edge cap above the window.

There was a drip cap above the window. However, it had to be over the trim (or brick molding) that is over the window. Semantics one might say…

We immediately called the Newbie House Owners’ Support Line (in other words, we called my father in law) and after a close inspection, he found out we lacked the all important drip edge cap above the new windows. Which we had to install as soon as possible because, the weather was about to change for the much wetter.

We had two days.

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