Visiting Santa’s Village

TwoPlusCute visiting Yankee Candle Santa's village

Few things get one in the spirit of the Christmas holidays, like visiting a well done Santa village. A well known candle factory, based in western Ma creates a sparkly and fun experience for anyone that loves Christmas. Toddlers, children and…tall children (that’s us – grown ups) alike, get thrilled with the trains, the rotating trees, the sparkly ornaments and the enticing smells all around.

This is not an affiliate post. Hubby took me and The Cute for a surprise drive to Yankee Candle village and we took a few photos to show you a few glimpses of how entertaining it is.

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Couponing as a Family Hobby

I love couponing for several reasons. It helps me keep our budget in check. It saves me money I can use for books, travel and decorations (fun, fun). Most of all, it is a fun hobby to share with my husband!

I first got hooked by watching some extreme couponers on a tv series. “Is it for real?” I wondered and decided to give it a try. Hubby wasn’t particularly pleased. He didn’t think it could work but mostly, he thought it was a waste of time and a tad, well, embarrassing. I went to lengths explaining why it was not embarrassing to use coupons but it took actual results to persuade him. Like this cash back rebate that was a moneymaker:

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