Taking the Living Room by Storm

Renovating the Living Room, color change and a gazillion DIY projects, by TwoPlusCute

The past weeks, I have been working harder than a worker bee. I should check my astrological progressions because, there must be some “slave-to-DIY” configuration happening right now, right above me.

This is a sneak peek post of all the projects I/we did over the past weeks. And of the cleaning. Oh boy was there cleaning…Oh and the before and afters with our new grey walls. So much light! 😀

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DIY The Perfect Grey

DIY (frugally) your own perfect GREY and GREIGE by TwoPlusCute

Did I complain about our living room color? Yes, I have.

Well, if you don’t like, change it” I kept telling myself. For one and a half years. Something – finally – motivated me and I decided to paint our living room. I decided on grey, a swift decision – for my standards – as it only took a couple months.

I am not new to grey, I used it about 10 years ago for an accent wall. It was a dismal failure. The hue was wrong, it was too dark and it gained the nickname “mouse grey”.

This time around, I was worried it would take forever to pick a “decent” grey – if I managed to find that “decent” grey. However, it only took $4 (plus some cents) and half an hour, to find the perfect grey. *Insert huge smile here – HUGE *

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