4 Learn How to Read Activities

4 Learning How to Read Activities for toddlers by TwoPlusCute

Last Wednesday, I told you how I came up with an idea to use our personalized chalk board for a “learn to read” game. That one idea produced two more and then, The Cute came up with the fourth idea.

Pen and paper work just fine but, the magnetic letters add a tactile dimension to the learning games – besides the visual and the auditory (from spelling out loud the letters and the formed words).

Without further ado, Wednesday’s mini post is about 4 learning activities inspired by a small DIY.

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Our $100 Kitchen Island gets a Frugal Update

before & after kitchen island
This photo also serves as an example of how not to take before and after pictures.

Back in the apartment, we had bought exactly three pieces of furniture ourselves: a futon sofa-bed (that broke down recently and gave me the chance to buy a new sofa), a small bookcase and a kitchen island. The rest of the furniture were all loving hand me downs from family and friends (you can imagine the amount of mismatched furniture we have acquired).

We bought the kitchen island from Christmas Tree Stores – a place misnamed in my opinion as I can find adorable frugally priced items all year long. Our island cost brand new $99.99. It has a sturdy butcher block countertop, two cabinets and a wide shelf to place my small appliances. It has held up beautifully through the years but it was time for a little update.

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