Let’s go to a Greek farmer’s market!

Let's go to a Greek farmer's market! Melons, photo by TwoPlusCute

Ever been to a Greek farmer’s market? If not, come with me and let’s visit one!

The farmer’s market is a “must go” activity in Greece. The shops are set right in the streets and every neighborhood has at least one farmer’s market every week. Rain or shine, metal tables are set under colorful umbrellas and fill with all sorts of delicious produce. Every family shops there (unless they can’t find the time) as the produce comes straight from the producers and the prices are seriously competitive and often much cheaper than in big stores.

Does it get busy? Think “black Friday” busy, every day.

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Kitchen Renovation – Part 2: The Cabinets

By TwoPlusCute: Kitchen renovation on a budget. Part 2 the Cabinets, the challenges, the tweaks and bargains. Before and after photos.

Cabinets and appliances. This is the progress we have managed so far, in our kitchen renovation on a budget. Remember we had to gut everything, fix some walls, add support for upper cabinets, move some electrical and ended up with a whole new kitchen. (I include comparison photos to demonstrate the difference.) After visiting a few home improvement stores and leaving disappointed, we finally found the kitchen style, color and quality we wanted, online. And for less than half the price asked by the megastores.

It’s been a long time since I posted the first part of our kitchen renovation. Honestly, the photos were pretty bad and no matter how many I took with my point and shoot camera, things didn’t improve. I finally found the courage to tackle the task and proudly present you our kitchen renovation part 2: The Cabinets. Installing said cabinets, was a massive diplomatic success on my behalf (took quite some effort to persuade hubby to install them).

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Couponing as a Family Hobby

I love couponing for several reasons. It helps me keep our budget in check. It saves me money I can use for books, travel and decorations (fun, fun). Most of all, it is a fun hobby to share with my husband!

I first got hooked by watching some extreme couponers on a tv series. “Is it for real?” I wondered and decided to give it a try. Hubby wasn’t particularly pleased. He didn’t think it could work but mostly, he thought it was a waste of time and a tad, well, embarrassing. I went to lengths explaining why it was not embarrassing to use coupons but it took actual results to persuade him. Like this cash back rebate that was a moneymaker:

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