My Happiest Day as a Mom


Baby feet, sand and sea, at Greece.

Well into October, while most people (of the northern hemisphere) switch their closets for winter gear, I bring you a super summer-y post:  The day I really enjoyed its full length as a mom (aka my happiest day as a mom). It was a day right out of an overly optimistic movie: There was no whining, no crying, no throwing stuff (except sand and small stones), no stress and no cleaning or tidying. Instead, there was laughter and swimming and hugging and baby kisses every second. All day long.

It was perfect.

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Happy Birthday: The Cute Turned TWO!

The Cute Turned TWO Happy Birthday by TwoPlusCute

Full caps TWO. Our baby is officially a toddler!

What a ride it has been. The Cute is our first child and it was (is) quite an intimidating experience – at least for me. I wish I could go back on the night she was born and do all the things I learnt in these two years but sadly, the first child always gets the short stick. No matter how theoretically prepared a parent is, nothing beats hands on experience.

Enough with the digression. Last weekend we held a party to celebrate that we succeeded on keeping our baby alive for two whole years (<- tongue in cheek) – a feat for any new parent. I am glad to share that this year’s party was a success. And yet, it was no Hollywood production and there weren’t any inflatable castles or champagne cataracts. But it had tons of love, laugh and above all, great company.

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Calculus for Infants – Book Review

Calculus for Infants review by TwoPlusCute

I strongly believe that concerning academic knowledge, there is no such thing as “too early” for teaching a child.

Being the nerdy parents we are, we bought the Introductory Calculus For Infants when The Cute was…three months old. I am so glad we bought it. Saved us many a tantrums and gave us tons of quality time with the baby. She loved it and once she could walk, she kept following me around to read it to her. This is her favorite book of all times since she was six months old. And it’s packed with math.

Mathematics is not the only thing this book is about. It actually has a very good story.

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Motherhood, conflicting priorities and two DIYs

mount sugarloaf view twopluscute
View from mount Sugarloaf before the baby

Just before we found out we were expecting our daughter, we were in New York for a weekend of Broadway shows and museums galore. Before that, we had spent a few weeks in Europe. We bought a few computer games (and actually had time to play them), many books and more geeky stuff. We went out to check new restaurants and revisit our favorite ones. We had a life.

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100 first science words for babies and toddlers


my first 100 science words by

The “100 first science words” list contains basic shapes, four basic elements, terms from biology, chemistry, astronomy, geology, physics and more. Let me tell you, the hard part was to keep the list short, containing only 100 words. I regret removing several fundamental terms – but we can wait until elementary-school for those, right?

The included science terms, just like duck, dog and cat, are words that will stay with your child for the rest of their lives, whether they become scientists or not – ok, maybe not ketone.

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