Planting an Arborvitae Successfully

Planting an Arborvitae header, row of privacy hedge trees by TwoPlusCute

Arborvitae (tree of life – such a cool name) are hardy and pretty forgiving trees, making them a friendly choice for novice gardeners like us. To test our hands on, we planted one last Spring and a year later, it is still alive (applause please!) and getting bigger. It is a success!

It was truly easy to plant it once we stopped worrying about perfection and in this post, I will tell you how exactly we went about it and the nasty surprise we came to find while planting our tree.

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Gardening With a Brown Thumb

Tomato Meme1 by twopluscute
You really did.

I love the idea of gardening but with my brown, brown, thumb is hard. However, good advice and a very forgiving climate may help to turn my brown thumb a little greener.

When we were buying our house, I stopped one day just to admire the surrounding plants. Fall was coming and the trees were already changing to the marvelous foliage colors seen in New England. It so happened the previous owners were finishing up emptying the lot and so, I got the chance to talk to them. Lucky because 

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