Plant a Log!

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Removing tree stumps by TwoPlusCute

We removed a stump. It was way less work than we expected and now we can mow that area easily. (This is a dreadfully written intro. I give it an F.)

Aaanyway, I bought Epsom salt to try the pinterest tip for removing tree stumps. Allegedly you drill holes, add watered Epsom to the holes and wait for a quick-ish natural decay. Well, we didn’t even have to add the salt!

Stump removal

After painstakingly drilling holes and getting the Epsom solution ready,
we realized the stump was moving.
And wouldn’t you know?

Stump removal 2

Some previous owner had decided to plant a…log in the middle of the yard.

Which makes total sense.

Makes sense

Gardening tip of the day:

Are you a brownthumber? 

Does caring for plants take too much of your time?

Having trouble keeping plants alive?

Are you by any chance afraid of plants? (I know I am.)

Worry no more dear reader because, there IS a solution for you:

Plant a LOG!”

Problem solved. It is so simple, I bet you went “duhh” when you read it.


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