It’s All About The Paint (samples)

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TwoPlusCute, all the paint please! Paint samples haul for 99 cents each!

Did you notice the super paint offer at Lowes? This is not an affiliate post.

Our local Lowes had a huge promotion, offering paint samples for 99 cents. I had to go get a few. Like, well…over 37 of them (and I am going back for more)!


Huge paint sample haul Sherwin Williams samples from Lowes, photo by TwoPlusCute
omg, omg, super!

Paint samples usually cost around 3 to 4 dollars each, for 8 ounces of paint, or even 5 dollars for only 2 ounces (sheesh!). Sherwin Williams gives huge samples of 857 mL (29 oz) for a relatively low price but, getting their huge samples for 99 cents, only? They are practically free and certainly a frugal purchase.

I had to run and grab as many as I could. After all, finding the perfect grey for our living room, doesn’t mean I am done painting. We have an office to make and two bathrooms and…a whole house really.

So, I grabbed several blues and browns and greys and yellows, browns, reds and all sorts of colors – even whites and blacks. Truth be told, I also bought a few colors I wanted to test in our daughter’s room, for accents and DIYs.

Look at my “babies”:

TwoPlusCute, huge paint samples haul for only 99 cents each! Every color (except orange), including blacks and whites. With all these samples, inspiration will come easier if you need to paint a room.

Not only I can get practical inspiration, seeing the colors on the wall (much easier than going by the swatches) but with such large quantities, I can also mix and match to DIY the perfect hue (and you can, too) for any room I want to paint.

Do you have a room that you can’t decide what color to paint it? Well, now you can try as many hues as you want. The promotion runs until the 24th so hurry up and get your samples – no coupons required. What a bargain!

So, what will we be painting next? 😀

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