I wish I had that (too)

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Loft bookcase and a plan, by TwoPlusCute

Becky of Beyond the picket fence has a new home with some amazingly unique features. For one, once upon a time it was a schoolhouse. Secondly, it has high ceilings. Thirdly, it has an amazing feature that any booklover will adore! She inherited (seems the previous owner simply left the books) a huge built in bookcase loft, packed with books!

How lucky is that? I am so green with jealousy I started turning purple. 😀

Loft bookcase and a plan, by TwoPlusCute

All images that are not watermarked “TwoPlusCute” are from BeyondThePicketFence blog (with some editing for size).

Can you think of many show stopper features like this? Or conversation starters? I can’t but, then again, I am biased. There is nothing more impressive I can think of than having an enormous floor to ceiling bookcase, packed with books.

Becky is considering removing the landing and bringing the bookcases all the way to the floor. Fantastic idea and will be so impressive. Perhaps with a rolling ladder for the high shelves (I am drooling thinking of that!).

I came up with another idea, in an unsolicited attempt to persuade Becky to keep her unique library loft.

Here is one, made with my high-tech drawing software called “pen and paper”

(I forgot to add the existing bookcase on the right but never mind that):

Loft bookcase and a plan, by TwoPlusCute

Cutting off the extension between the arrows (including the narrow steps)

will give many feet of extra space for the living room and still keep a working loft:

Loft bookcase and a plan, by TwoPlusCute

Bringing the steps to the left side (as seen in the previous drawing), perpendicular to the landing, making them a bit wider (and safer), assuming the height of the loft is not too high. Or if, there is a door on the left, keep the stairs on the right but perpendicular to the landing.

Then the bookcase that is adjacent to the steps can come all the way down with more shelves and the area under the landing can be filled with drawers/cabinets and deeper shelves for enormous storage and to accommodate wider books.

Becky, this must be a super annoying post, having someone jumping in your own home to give you ideas – I am sorry I couldn’t help myself.

To my – transparent – defense, you did ask for opinions.  😀

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