Travelling to Greece this Summer

Travelling to Greece

I think I have mentioned I am Greek. I am married to an American and we have The Cute, our little daughter that is a half-blood (<-Harry Potter reference). If all goes well, I will take The Cute to Greece this summer. I can’t tell you how excited – and worried at the same time – I am about that. For one, The Cute turns two on June 5th. I will be travelling overseas alone, with a two years old toddler. I expect many hours of wailing and angry stares from the other passengers.

I was thinking of what kinds of posts I could write while away. Everybody knows about Parthenon and ancient Greece and our deep blue sea. But, have you ever wondered how houses really are in other countries? I am not talking about tv specials, I am talking about real life, average homes.

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Wild Games

showoff1 twopluscute

Spring was coming to New England…No, not really – it snowed again and the patches of soil you see in the photos are covered in snow again. Which makes This Post relevant once more.

Anyway, I looked outside the window and saw a flock of big black birds landing on our backyard. Gave me quite a scare. Don’t laugh, I am a city girl. They were huge, wild…

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Spring? Don’t Make my Snowman Laugh

snowman 1
Why, hello there!


It is March 4 as I type these frozen lines. Outside, the grey, white and slippery winter snow is covering everything. Quite a different story through my computer: pinks and yellows and bright whites, spring wreaths, butterflies and flowers. Spring they say.

Well, the snowman I made earlier today has a few words for all of you that have the audacity to claim it is spring:

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Winter Time is Gaming Time

sunny snow day

Once upon a time, there was a magical and beautiful world. Full of mystery and danger. Vast lands filled with strange creatures and even stranger inhabitants. Many of them deadly. Mages held occult secrets and warriors roamed the lands dressed in ebony armors. Power hungry demi-Gods conspired and enchanted rings were made by elder Elves.

Once upon a time, there were a series of games, called The Elder Scrolls. TES III aka Morrowind, was the best of them. Tonight, we are installing it again. *insert gently epic music*

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Couponing as a Family Hobby

I love couponing for several reasons. It helps me keep our budget in check. It saves me money I can use for books, travel and decorations (fun, fun). Most of all, it is a fun hobby to share with my husband!

I first got hooked by watching some extreme couponers on a tv series. “Is it for real?” I wondered and decided to give it a try. Hubby wasn’t particularly pleased. He didn’t think it could work but mostly, he thought it was a waste of time and a tad, well, embarrassing. I went to lengths explaining why it was not embarrassing to use coupons but it took actual results to persuade him. Like this cash back rebate that was a moneymaker:

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Happy Valentine’s 2015!

Husband went to buy newspapers and do some recycling.

He came back with these:

Happy Valentine's 2015 by twopluscute

What a beautiful day it is already.

He always picks cards with a special meaning to us. With words that reflect our relationship and our feelings. Or so I think. Must be on my love-blinded nature because I find all the cards he brings me to be relevant. Which is not possible of course (says my rational self). Yet, it doesn’t matter. Read more

Missing children alerts on facebook

I read today in Mashable, that Facebook is going to implement a new way to share amber alerts (missing and exploited children) with its users, via its news feed.

Facebook already had amber alert pages but, now they will target the alert feeds to appear to people who are actually near the area a child disappeared. I think it is a great idea and a great reason to use geolocation. For now it is USA-specific. If you live in United States, keep an eye open for those feeds because, if you see one, it means you can actually help.

Another way to choose which alerts to see, is by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children has a dedicated page for adding your state with a simple ‘like’ if you want to help, here: amber alerts per state. You can choose to keep an eye to more states by simply liking their respective pages.

Last month, Bing too, fine-tuned its search to better accommodate amber alert results.

The more ways concerned and caring people have to be informed, the better for the children. Hopefully, initiatives like this will expand to include more countries in the future.