How We Keep Our Memories Safe and Organized

How We Keep Our Memories Safe and Organized

This a post about saving our most cherished memories, flash drives and even…fireproof safes.

Imagine a natural destruction hitting your home – knock on wood (maybe I should have said “hello” first lol – bare with me though).  As you run away, what item will you chose to save when you only have seconds to get out of the door? I assume we all, will try to save our beloved humans and pets but, besides living souls, what is the most important item/possession, you will try to save if you can?

Is it money? Books? Your phone or/and laptop? If you were to think about it now, what would you say is the ONE possession you cherish above all?

I have put some thought to this and I will tell you what my most important, cherished and must-have-forever possession is:


Read on the simple way to organize and store away safely, your memories. And how to make sure you will know exactly what is saved and where!

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Hello, US embassy? We have an emergency!

The Cute overseeing the Athens international airport Eleftherios Venizelos, photo by TwoPlusCute

Me and The Cute, are back. Safe and sound, taller (her), thinner (both of us – mostly me) and very talkative (both of us). We arrived back in US of A juuuust in time for a fantastic Thanksgiving dinner, courtesy of The Cute’s great grandmother. Speaking of which, I have to get her squash recipe!

However, things didn’t look that promising one day before we were to fly. In fact they looked real bad and downright dangerous.

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Wow, that proved difficult…

Sunset in Alimos beach in Athens Greece, by TwoPlusCute

It’s been almost two months since I last posted and I missed this blog and the blogging world a lot! The initial plan (you know, the one that always go awry and we need plan B and C) was to keep posting from Greece. I do have a lot of spoilers to show you today (like the top photo of a sunset at the beach) and a small explanation on what kept me from blogging for that long.

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