Be Your Own Kind of Awesome – Poster Art

Be your own kind of awesome by TwoPlusCute

We severely lack decor (and furniture but that’s another story). Dressing up the walls of a whole house can prove a costly endeavor and I am brainstorming for frugal but also personal ways to add art and decor on our walls.

My first attempt on painting some modern art that we could actually use in our home, served well to prove that my mom had it ALL wrong. She always believed – unwaveringly -I am some kind of mini-Picasso with great artistic skills. Well, this is what I made before I had my daughter cover the whole thing with black paint to hide my shame:


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Copper Accent for 3 Dollars (and 10 uses for it)


Copper Decor Accent for 3 Dollars! A chafing dish and 10 ways to incorporate it in your home decor.

I wanted a copper accent for quite some time now. I was thinking that perhaps, a pendant would work but I was not budgeting for it. Well, I happily report, I think I scored again at Goodwill. Okay, maybe not “scored” (you’ll be the judge of that) but 3 dollars for all this awesome coppery decor, is a happy moment for me.

I found a vintage (looking) copper (plated) chafing dish slash fondue and immediately thought of not one, not two but, 10 ways to use it at home and none of them include cooking!

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Visiting Santa’s Village

TwoPlusCute visiting Yankee Candle Santa's village

Few things get one in the spirit of the Christmas holidays, like visiting a well done Santa village. A well known candle factory, based in western Ma creates a sparkly and fun experience for anyone that loves Christmas. Toddlers, children and…tall children (that’s us – grown ups) alike, get thrilled with the trains, the rotating trees, the sparkly ornaments and the enticing smells all around.

This is not an affiliate post. Hubby took me and The Cute for a surprise drive to Yankee Candle village and we took a few photos to show you a few glimpses of how entertaining it is.

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Let’s go to a Greek farmer’s market!

Let's go to a Greek farmer's market! Melons, photo by TwoPlusCute

Ever been to a Greek farmer’s market? If not, come with me and let’s visit one!

The farmer’s market is a “must go” activity in Greece. The shops are set right in the streets and every neighborhood has at least one farmer’s market every week. Rain or shine, metal tables are set under colorful umbrellas and fill with all sorts of delicious produce. Every family shops there (unless they can’t find the time) as the produce comes straight from the producers and the prices are seriously competitive and often much cheaper than in big stores.

Does it get busy? Think “black Friday” busy, every day.

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Goodwill Score

header bowls

This was my second trip to Goodwill. I have been there once before and I got a book haul. This time though, I was a gal with a purpose: to find cute stuff I could use to dress our home and to use in photos for this blog.

That was the plan anyway because, this time, I found stuff I was actually thrilled about. Stuff I wanted to take home, bath in chlorine and call them mine. My $45 loot includes:

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Community Gardens are Fun!

Community Gardens header by

Isn’t it nice when the town offers community garden plots for a very small fee and even, advice, workshops, compost and mulch? It’s frugal, easy and fulfilling. Isn’t it also nice when there is good mood in one’s work environment? Hubby and a few friends from his job, gather together to do what I find quite interesting activities that vary from football (the American style), to comedy nights, to snowboarding and even to…gardening.

Last summer, they came with the great idea to rent a plot as a team and try their hands in producing…produce. It was fun and a huge success. Oh the tomatoes!

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