Visiting Santa’s Village

TwoPlusCute visiting Yankee Candle Santa's village

Few things get one in the spirit of the Christmas holidays, like visiting a well done Santa village. A well known candle factory, based in western Ma creates a sparkly and fun experience for anyone that loves Christmas. Toddlers, children and…tall children (that’s us – grown ups) alike, get thrilled with the trains, the rotating trees, the sparkly ornaments and the enticing smells all around.

This is not an affiliate post. Hubby took me and The Cute for a surprise drive to Yankee Candle village and we took a few photos to show you a few glimpses of how entertaining it is.

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Picking The Perfect Christmas Tree

Christmas tree needles reflecting the warm sun, photo by TwoPlusCute

With our silver and gold Christmas wreath ready and the front porch tidying going pretty well, it was time to take The Cute for her first ever excursion to get a Christmas tree. The perfect one of course! She is 2 and half years old now and we can finally go in detail about Santa and how to put up her own ornaments on the tree and let her get – safely – infatuated with colorful lights and generally have a blast.

To tell the whole truth, mommy (that’s me!) was super excited about all the Christmas fun and I have been waiting since last year to tell The Cute about Santa and his flying reindeer.

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Hello, US embassy? We have an emergency!

The Cute overseeing the Athens international airport Eleftherios Venizelos, photo by TwoPlusCute

Me and The Cute, are back. Safe and sound, taller (her), thinner (both of us – mostly me) and very talkative (both of us). We arrived back in US of A juuuust in time for a fantastic Thanksgiving dinner, courtesy of The Cute’s great grandmother. Speaking of which, I have to get her squash recipe!

However, things didn’t look that promising one day before we were to fly. In fact they looked real bad and downright dangerous.

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My Happiest Day as a Mom


Baby feet, sand and sea, at Greece.

Well into October, while most people (of the northern hemisphere) switch their closets for winter gear, I bring you a super summer-y post:  The day I really enjoyed its full length as a mom (aka my happiest day as a mom). It was a day right out of an overly optimistic movie: There was no whining, no crying, no throwing stuff (except sand and small stones), no stress and no cleaning or tidying. Instead, there was laughter and swimming and hugging and baby kisses every second. All day long.

It was perfect.

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Welcome Summer Party

"Welcome Summer" party at an old farmhouse - by TwoPlusCute

A “Welcome Summer” party? What a cool idea!

Last week, a friendly couple threw a “Welcome Summer” gathering for their friends and co-workers. As they have two children and understand the effort to keep the little ones occupied and happy, they had packed their yard with activities, toys and games.

They had some super frugal and very clever ideas for DIY games and activities. Some of them are so simple, I kept going “duh!” at every turn. Not to mention I loved photographing their beautiful house.

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