DIY Wooden Toy Blocks

DIY Wooden Toy Blocks

I have a recent addiction: the compound miter saw.  Seriously.  It was love at first use and ever since, I found all sorts of excuses to use it more. Excuse no 1: DIY wooden toy blocks for our daughter. Cubes, rectangles, pyramids and cylinders. (No bridges; this is an one-tool-DIY and bridges require two tools.)

I made a battlement, though.

Check out how to make your own wooden building blocks for crafts and toys. Plus, three four tips for making your cubes and pyramids perfectly smooth without crazy amounts of sanding.

Yes, that’s right: minimal sanding! And smooth, factory worthy blocks. 😉

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Adorable Cut & Dress Up Unisex Doll

Adorable Cut & Dress Up Unisex Doll


So adorable! Tutorial for a cut and dress up doll by TwoPlusCute

Make an adorable, cut & dress-up, unisex doll, that stands on its own (and is sturdy enough to hold actual jewelry), using a pizza box.

Do you remember those dress up dolls we were cutting off of paper and had all sorts of cute outfits? They were pretty and elaborately designed but were not very sturdy and consequently, they didn’t last long. I made a much sturdier and larger version for The Cute – and didn’t cost a thing!

Read on for the tutorial, plus 6 ideas for learning activities using this cute dress up doll.

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Happy Birthday: The Cute turned 3!


The Cute had her 3rd birthday, by TwoPlusCute

Our baby daughter (The Cute) turned 3 years old last week and I report that the party was a success and everything went smoothly. And I didn’t starve the guests – though a few of them brought extra food; just in case.

It is kind of a tradition for us to make a post on The Cute’s birthday but this time, I will share how I “used” my child to get through the Greek public sector.

Repeatedly if I may add – and I would do it again in a heartbeat. (Post includes EPIC Spanish video.)

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4 Learn How to Read Activities

4 Learning How to Read Activities for toddlers by TwoPlusCute

Last Wednesday, I told you how I came up with an idea to use our personalized chalk board for a “learn to read” game. That one idea produced two more and then, The Cute came up with the fourth idea.

Pen and paper work just fine but, the magnetic letters add a tactile dimension to the learning games – besides the visual and the auditory (from spelling out loud the letters and the formed words).

Without further ado, Wednesday’s mini post is about 4 learning activities inspired by a small DIY.

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Personalizing our Toy Chalkboard


Personalized Magnetic Board and a Game by TwoPlusCute

We have this nice double surface board from Melissa & Doug but the primary colors didn’t really do it for me. And I do not know why but, lately I have this urge to personalize everything generic and make it “ours”. So, I grabbed the board and turned it into a kitchen menu board for The Cute’s play kitchen.

Since I have a ton of paint from my super sample haul in December, I picked a pink (front side), a hot pink (side…sides) and a soft green can (for the back side) and went to work.

Begone primary colors!

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