Community Gardens are Fun!

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Isn’t it nice when the town offers community garden plots for a very small fee and even, advice, workshops, compost and mulch? It’s frugal, easy and fulfilling. Isn’t it also nice when there is good mood in one’s work environment? Hubby and a few friends from his job, gather together to do what I find quite interesting activities that vary from football (the American style), to comedy nights, to snowboarding and even to…gardening.

Last summer, they came with the great idea to rent a plot as a team and try their hands in producing…produce. It was fun and a huge success. Oh the tomatoes!

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Creating a Flower Bed

Creating a Flower Bed by TwoPlusCute

Pfew, I am sore! I spent the weekend battling with our yard and every muscle in my body is aching. Hubby took care of The Cute all day long, giving me the chance to tackle several areas in our yard (and if I haven’t lost 35 pounds with all this work, I will be very disappointed!).

I made a new flowerbed while tackling the issue of fixing the slope from the house at the same time. Added curb appeal, it’s cleaner, neat and looks inviting.
Total cost? 24 dollars!

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Gardening With a Brown Thumb

Tomato Meme1 by twopluscute
You really did.

I love the idea of gardening but with my brown, brown, thumb is hard. However, good advice and a very forgiving climate may help to turn my brown thumb a little greener.

When we were buying our house, I stopped one day just to admire the surrounding plants. Fall was coming and the trees were already changing to the marvelous foliage colors seen in New England. It so happened the previous owners were finishing up emptying the lot and so, I got the chance to talk to them. Lucky because 

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