Mole-Proof Raised Garden Bed

Mole-Proof Raised Garden Bed

DIY tutorial for mole proof raised garden beds by TwoPlusCute

How to DIY a mole-proof, raised garden bed, using cedar.

I am a fan of homesteading and since I visited the community gardens where hubby with some friends from work had a plot, I wanted to make a raised bed to garden organically in our yard.

I interneted options and it made the most sense to use cedar lumber for this project and also add some protection to it, as moles really, deeply, love our yard and their tunnels are everywhere.

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Bringing Spring In


Bring spring in header with tulips

Last weekend was sunny and warm, spring was coming all around the yard. It only made sense to bring some of that spring inside. I raided our yard and even though it’s has barely started getting green, I found a few flowers and branches to bring in.

This post is about succulents, raiding our own yard for flowers, how TwoPlusCute passed 1000 pageviews in a day (1308 to be exact – but who’s counting) and my technology breakthrough that will – undoubtedly – awe people.

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Planting an Arborvitae Successfully

Planting an Arborvitae header, row of privacy hedge trees by TwoPlusCute

Arborvitae (tree of life – such a cool name) are hardy and pretty forgiving trees, making them a friendly choice for novice gardeners like us. To test our hands on, we planted one last Spring and a year later, it is still alive (applause please!) and getting bigger. It is a success!

It was truly easy to plant it once we stopped worrying about perfection and in this post, I will tell you how exactly we went about it and the nasty surprise we came to find while planting our tree.

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Hemerocallis fulva

Hemerocalis Fulva (Daylily) by TwoPlusCute

Our Daylilies (Hemerocalis Fulva) bloomed in late June due to the belated spring. The flowers look gorgeous, towering 3-4 feet (about a meter) tall.

Last year I performed the mistake to cut some for vases. I am sure seasoned gardeners will laugh at this. You see, Daylilies are named so for a reason. This year, that I grew wiser after cleaning all the mess last year) I will let them bloom and fade, right where they are. 🙂

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