Our Living Room is Surprising Us (well…me at least)

Our Living Room is Surprising Us (well…me at least)


How did I end up with dark teal, mustard, aqua and chartreuse (though depending on the light you might argue it’s green) mixed together in one room? No, really: how?

Our living room is progressing, it has come a long way from where it started, albeit it is not finished and it has a mind of its own.

Come in, have a look – and don’t bother picking the child toys, they’ll be back in seconds.

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Bringing Spring In


Bring spring in header with tulips

Last weekend was sunny and warm, spring was coming all around the yard. It only made sense to bring some of that spring inside. I raided our yard and even though it’s has barely started getting green, I found a few flowers and branches to bring in.

This post is about succulents, raiding our own yard for flowers, how TwoPlusCute passed 1000 pageviews in a day (1308 to be exact – but who’s counting) and my technology breakthrough that will – undoubtedly – awe people.

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Styling an Armoire (or four…)

Styling an Armoire post header by TwoPlusCute

Armoires, while so practical, are often bulky and can be hard to style. I have seen them pushed in the corner of a room, often used as catch-all wardrobes, towering over everything, like a giant living in Hobbiton. Being into sleek, low profile furniture myself, I did not think I was up to par, styling one.

Or so I thought, until Chairish invited me to style an armoire for their Spring Refresh challenge. After looking around their armoire collection (and doing some soul searching “can I do this?”), I replied with a nerdy “challenge accepted” and actually got so inspired that made not one but, four style boards to share with you.

Let’s style an armoire (or four)!

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The 5 Hottest Home & Decor Design Trends for 2016

TwoPlusCute golden sand header

My crystal ball shines brightly (gave it a good polish earlier) and is ready to predict this year’s trends.

Design trends always mirror the combined economic and social momentum. When the finances were in a rather dim condition the past few years, frugal living and curb alert saves were not just necessary but also – thanks to bloggers -they became the new cool.

It seems finances are getting all better and interior design trends mirror that. Spoiler: 2016 will be the year of gold and diamonds.

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Copper Accent for 3 Dollars (and 10 uses for it)


Copper Decor Accent for 3 Dollars! A chafing dish and 10 ways to incorporate it in your home decor.

I wanted a copper accent for quite some time now. I was thinking that perhaps, a pendant would work but I was not budgeting for it. Well, I happily report, I think I scored again at Goodwill. Okay, maybe not “scored” (you’ll be the judge of that) but 3 dollars for all this awesome coppery decor, is a happy moment for me.

I found a vintage (looking) copper (plated) chafing dish slash fondue and immediately thought of not one, not two but, 10 ways to use it at home and none of them include cooking!

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