Styling an Armoire (or four…)

Styling an Armoire post header by TwoPlusCute

Armoires, while so practical, are often bulky and can be hard to style. I have seen them pushed in the corner of a room, often used as catch-all wardrobes, towering over everything, like a giant living in Hobbiton. Being into sleek, low profile furniture myself, I did not think I was up to par, styling one.

Or so I thought, until Chairish invited me to style an armoire for their Spring Refresh challenge. After looking around their armoire collection (and doing some soul searching “can I do this?”), I replied with a nerdy “challenge accepted” and actually got so inspired that made not one but, four style boards to share with you.

Let’s style an armoire (or four)!

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I wish I had that (too)

Loft bookcase and a plan, by TwoPlusCute

Becky of Beyond the picket fence has a new home with some amazingly unique features. For one, once upon a time it was a schoolhouse. Secondly, it has high ceilings. Thirdly, it has an amazing feature that any booklover will adore! She inherited (seems the previous owner simply left the books) a huge built in bookcase loft, packed with books!

How lucky is that? I am so green with jealousy I started turning purple. 😀

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Calculus for Infants – Book Review

Calculus for Infants review by TwoPlusCute

I strongly believe that concerning academic knowledge, there is no such thing as “too early” for teaching a child.

Being the nerdy parents we are, we bought the Introductory Calculus For Infants when The Cute was…three months old. I am so glad we bought it. Saved us many a tantrums and gave us tons of quality time with the baby. She loved it and once she could walk, she kept following me around to read it to her. This is her favorite book of all times since she was six months old. And it’s packed with math.

Mathematics is not the only thing this book is about. It actually has a very good story.

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The Most Esteemed Hoarders Ever: Booklovers

The Most Esteemed Hoarders Ever: Booklovers

A true bibliophile, is a passionate person. We love our books with passion, we tend to them, care for them and experience a lot of grey cell pleasure every time we re-read one of their favorite books. We were geeks before geeks existed and we were hoarders before the term was even coined.

Let’s face it, one good book is great but one hundred – good – books are even better. One thousand good books is paradise. However, books are costly to have in large amounts. This is where thrifting comes in very handy for people like me. And boy, oh boy, did I get a good haul this week!
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