How I Stopped Being a No-Reply Blogger

TwoPlusCute: How to stop being a NO-REPLY blogger and reader. Have your comments receive replies every single time!

I enjoy commenting to other blogs and it makes me warm inside when my comments get replied. During the first month of blogging, I was getting the hives every time I wanted to comment on a blogger platform blog.

I am using a wordpress platform (org nevertheless) and seems that blogger just doesn’t like us. I had to go through loops to comment. I was spending a good amount of time writing a comment, clicking to submit and then…*pouf*…The comment was disappearing. Sometimes I didn’t even know if it went through or not. I tried all the options given under the “comment as”, with invariable failure.

What I didn’t know was that the rare times I successfully posted a comment, the blog owner could not reply to me. So, I found a few tricks to fix that.

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The 8 best free online photo collage makers

The 8 best & free collage makers by twopluscute

Eight seriously addicting FREE photo collage makers!

Straight to the point: These amazing applications work through your browser; no download is necessary. You do not need to install anything either. User friendly and packed with features, you will have everything you need to create amazing photo collages in minutes. They are so good, you will have hard time choosing over thousands of templates, stickers and effects.

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